Meet the Brewer Monday • • • After taking two years to use his first brew kit,…

Meet the Brewer Monday • • • After taking two years to use his first brew kit,…

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🍻 Meet the Brewer Monday 🍻

After taking two years to use his first brew kit, Breck learned not to let the fear of failure (or intimidating new vocabulary, like wort or sparge) get in the way of his home brewing efforts. The equipment, hop varieties and process seemed overwhelming for this non-scientist, but he quickly learned it is a lot easier than it initially seems (and a whole lot more fun, too).

Breck now has brewed all grain for the last few years, building up his stash of bulk ingredients and used brewing equipment from sites like OfferUp. Moving from a Portland apartment to a house in Oregon City, Breck’s operation has grown in both size and scale. He’s upgraded from plastic carboys to stainless steel fermenters, serving 14 unique brews at any given time- let us pour you a sample tray!

Born and raised in Utah, Breck came to Oregon to study at Linfield College. Coming of age in Willamette Valley wine country, Breck found his love of beer while studying abroad in Vienna, Austria. Trust us, he did a lot of “research” during this time 😉 a self proclaimed history buff, Breck learned about the tradition of European beer brewing long before he ever dreamed of making his own.

“Disaster Brewing” was conceived in 2016, but came alive in 2017. The beauty of DB is even when you drop and shatter your 6 gallon glass carboy full of wort, then it soaks into the carpet, we’re still on-brand (then new house rules were set that do not allow any brewing in the house…).

Sometimes you make a crisp saison. Other times, you create a skunk beer you put in the garden to ward off slugs from eating your pea pods. Either way, you enjoy the process (and typically drink a few beers along the way with friends, too).

If you’re working your way towards opening that first kit, we cheers to you- the hardest part is just getting started. If you just want to drink beer, come on over and join us in our biergarten! Beer brings people together, and that’s definitely our vision for Disaster Brewing.

So many friends have rallied around us to support this hobby and grow it into something bigger…we continue to dream and experiment, thanks to your encouragement 🍻


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